Week-End Roots

12.06.2014  Voyages

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I spent 4 days in Resö, Sweden with my girls and cousins who have revived the family tree here in Europe. George, my first cousin from San Francisco, traced our family’s origins back more than 5 generations beginning with our grandmother Marie who left her homeland over a century ago.

A tiny island on the Bohuslän coast of Sweden right out of a Camilla Lackberg novel was the backdrop. At this time of year there are 22 hours of daylight. The sun literally sets and rises for hours leaving plenty of time to get acquainted with our family and the stunning landscape.

We met in a modest little boathouse just a few hundred meters from where our family lived. A simple wooden structure raised precariously above the water on stacked granite blocks. The lapping tide below the floorboards, the seagulls bawl and the hearty laughter of our friendship mustered ancestral spirits.

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Le croquis du vendredi – 06/06/2014

06.06.2014  Croquis

10-10 D2 AVANT - copie

Croquis de la Tour D2

Ces croquis sont les esquisses des débuts de la Tour D2, dessinés par Tom Sheehan. Cette Tour se situe à la Défense, et la livraison est prévue en 2014. C’est un grand projet qui s’achève, en coopération avec Anthony Béchu.

Plus d’infos ici et plus de photos ici.


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