Des nouvelles de la Tour D2, à La Défense

22.10.2014  Projets

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Octobre 2014, la construction de la Tour D2 est en train de se terminer. 

« Designing a tower for an architect is as close as we get to sending a rocket to the moon. This is the fruit of 7 years of work and collaboration with a superb team of architects and engineers. If I were a rocket engineer, on the other hand, I would want to design a tower. It would appear easier, be faster but would remain on the ground for all to see and admire. I often here people say “ I wanted to be an architect when I was young but…“ The experience of the tower has been and remains the most singularly fulfilling episode of my career. I recommend it highly to everyone. »   Tom Sheehan

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Photographie : Mathieu Ducros

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