L’école de Fontainebleau a fêté ses 90 ans !

09.03.2014  Enseignement / Exposition

Tower base, sketching issues thought

Full name

Year that you attended Fontainebleau
I attended the Fontainebleau American School of Arts in 1985.

University where enrolled while at Fontainebleau
I graduated from the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA in 1988.

One-line description of your current career
Founder of Atelier Tom Sheehan & Partenaires

Explanation of how Fontainebleau has influenced your work or life
The short summer in 1985 went by so far I had little time to realize the impact it would have on my life and career as an architect. Many of the fleeting impressions, encounters and experiences remain however engraved in my thought. At Fontainebleau, a musician teaches his hands to play a partition and then closes his eyes and plays by heart.

Pictured : One image representing my work as a professional
Title of the work : Tower base, “sketching issues thought”

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