The D2 Tower, winner of the Eiffel Trophy for Steel Architecture 2015!

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The D2 Tower, the first high-rise building with concrete core and steel exoskeleton in France, is once again distinguished. After the ArchiDesignClub Award 2015, the Trophée du Bien-Etre 2015, and a third rank at theEmporis Skyscraper Award, the jury for the Eiffel trophies rewarding Steel Architectureacknowledges the character and skills put into the work signed by architects Anthony Bechu and Tom Sheehan.

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A Unique place and a human adventure

Creating a live link between the Esplanade of La Défenseand the adjoining Courbevoie district, the D2 Tower rises above the ring road, contributing to transforming it into an urban boulevard. The refreshing modernity it brings to thesurrounding towers, along with the 30% savings on materials granted by its conception, make it an environmental antidote that revolutionizes the skyline and urban landscape of La Défense. Its façades are screens that reflectthe journey of the sun, the reflecting of the colors of the sky. Its inhabited and accessible summit, the first of its kind in La Défense, houses the « Garden in the Clouds », a roofless 450m² space.

171 meter-high, the building can welcome up to 4,200 people in its 28 offices levels. Thanks to an efficient environmental strategy, the D2 Tower has received both an HQE certification for office building anda BREEAM certification.

Inaugurated at the beginning of 2015, the D2 Tower belongs to Sogecap, a life insurance company within the SociétéGénérale Group. It is currently being commercialized for rent.


Two architects

Anthony Béchu

The Agenced’Architecture A. Béchu (AAAB), rooted family history for three generations, is an international architecture and urban planning studio directed by Anthony Bechu. It designs and builds works for both public and private sectors: housing, retail, hotels, sport, cultural and educational facilities. The agency also combines works within urban planning, landscape, interior design and urban design.

Since the 1990s, benefiting from its expertise and taste for challenge, AAAB has gone abroad. After a few pioneer projects in China, with the help of its multidisciplinary teams, the studio is now exporting its capacity to build in several parts of the world, in particular in Russia, Iraq, Mongolia, Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates, Senegal and Morocco.


Tom Sheehan

Born in San Francisco to an Architect father, Tom Sheehan’s up-bringing in this fertile environment  developed his imagination from an early age. Passionate about design, proud of the close relationships that he builds with all members of the design and construction process, he tirelessly designs tomorrow’s buildings. This proximity allows him to clearly target the clients’ goals and wishes, and elaborate « custom made » solutions that exceed their expectations.

The teams at Atelier Tom Sheehan & Partenaires are composed of experienced Architects coming from all sorts of backgrounds and cultures. The different languages and cultures found at the Studio are part of its strength and wealth. The solutions it develops integrate perfectly to their urban and social context.


The Reward

Organized by the ConstruirAcier association, the Eiffel trophies for Steel Architecture aim to distinguish various significant works of architecture, made completely or partially using steel. Designers, architects, engineers and metal construction companies can be awarded.

Six categories of projects are awarded:franchir (cross), habiter (housing), travailler (offices), apprendre (learn), divertir (entertain), voyager (travel)

The Eiffel trophies are attributed by an independent jury, to works built in France.


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La Tour D2 lauréate d’un ArchiDesignClub Award 2015 !

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La Tour D2 lauréate d’un ArchiDesignClubAward 2015

catégorie bureaux et commerce neuf

Lire le communiqué officiel :




Bravo à toute l’équipe pour le formidable travail et accompagnement sur ce magnifique projet !


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The chicken or the egg ?

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The first towers where means of observation and defense. They became coveted symbols of power and prowess. Skyscraper defined corporations, cities and civilizations.   They defined property values and created new urban economies. Beyond the vertical glory was the need for density. Towers are henceforth part of our enduring urban landscape. Was the first Otis elevator invented out of need or a pure desire to rise ever higher?

When we were asked in January 2007 to think about the design of the D2 tower, we experienced two feelings that might at first appear contradictory: necessity and desire. A tower is the culmination of technical challenges that are spurred onward by the will to invent. The tower is to the Architect what a space mission is to the rocket engineer: a complex challenge of innovation that requires a multi-talented team. In our case, there was scarcely a site to build on. Driving around the circular ring road of La Défense one was liable to miss the promised parcel. It was difficult to imagine how a 54 000 m2 tower could sit on a plot of land roughly 3 000 m2.And to make it more difficult – the district authorities demanded that the D2’s base be as transparent and permeable as possible. Further, we were required to visually and physically mend the historical breach between the higher pedestrian esplanade and the busy ring road that disconnected La Défense from its neighboring communities. This constraint implied a ground floor as free and open as possible – allowing easy pedestrian movement to and from the esplanade. However, towers require a certain number of facilities within their bases, including; lobbies, security post, stairs, elevators, etc.

The puzzle was solved by two innovative ideas. The first was the use of “twin” lifts (two lifts that share a single shaft resulting in a smaller, more slender core). This is made possible by a fantastic technology of programmed destinations, which shortens waiting times. The second idea was to push the structure of the building to the exterior. This exoskeleton had the advantage of reducing the size of the structure and limiting the number of internal columns. With compact vertical cores and a delicate external structure – the pedestrian is invited to stroll through the building beneath a monumental arcade.

Having met the challenges of the ground level, the team developed 36 high-quality floors above the transparent base making it a tower worthy of its stature. The various landings took advantage of the aforementioned innovations permitting sweeping open spaces – both flexible and confortable.

Finally – we could not ignore the great and historical function of all towers in general – that is the ability to survey the scene below and beyond from it’s summit. This unique opportunity reserved for towers inspired the D2’s “Garden in the Clouds”, an unexpected landscape 171m above the city. It is coiffed by the structure’s exoskeleton that forms the emblematic crowing dome of the tower and makes it the skyscraper to remember in Paris.

Tom Sheehan, Architect

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Inauguration de la Tour D2 !

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Ce mardi 27 Janvier 2015 signait l’inauguration de la Tour D2 à la Défense,
réalisée par Tom Sheehan & Antony Béchu.

Son architecture lui attribue une identité visuelle iconique mémorable. A sa base, la Tour vivra le jour et la nuit avec ses halls sur 2 niveaux, une brasserie, des restaurants et salles de fitness.

Le sommet abrite le Jardin des nuages, 2 niveaux de direction avec des espaces Club, un putting green de 50m², une promenade « zen » au milieu des arbres ainsi qu’un point de vue exceptionnel sur la capitale.

« Cornichon, concombre ou cucurbitacées, cactus ou peut-être coléoptère, peu importe le surnom qu’on lui donne, la silhouette de la Luciole de la Défense, j’espère, ne vous laissera pas indiffèrent.  » Tom Sheehan


Photographie : Mathieu Ducros

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